Leadership Directory

Last Update: February 2023

Church Council

The group of leaders who guide and further the vision of the congregation.

Chair: Al Watanabe
Vice Chair: Tanya Growe
Recording Secretary:
Lay Member to Annual Conference: Candy Spiker
Lay Leader: Lynn Dole
Church Treasurer:
Chair Staff Parish Relations: Horace Tucker
Chair Trustees: Wally Dietz
Chair Finance: Sue Paris
Youth Representative: Hannah Growe
Young Adult Representative: Lisa Earnest
Ministry Teams Administrator: Jeff Blasdel
Pastor: Nick Robinson


Paid employees of the church that enable the volunteers to execute the mission of the church.

Pastor: Nick Robinson
Organist: Ed Bruenjes
Children’s Ministry Director: Will Speaker
CMO Director: Kit Akins
Conservatory Director: Alyssa Paul
Office Administrator: Jennifer O’Connell
Financial Bookkeeper: Shawn Wadell
Producer: Dean O’Neal

Administrative Teams


Nurture the financial vitality of the congregation

Chair: Sue Paris
Pastor: Nick Robinson
Chairperson of the Church Council: Alan Wantanabe
Chairperson of Staff-Parish Relations: Horace Tucker
Representative of the Trustees: Edgar Katterhenry
Chairperson of Stewardship: Dennis Stone
Financial Secretary: Shawn Wadell
Church Treasurer:


Nurtures generous living in everyone connected with Asbury

Chair:  Dennis Stone
2021-2023: Mary Beth Wert
2022-2024: Chuck VanNatta, (vacant)
2023-2025: Susan Reid, Dennis Stone

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Building strong relationships between the staff and the congregation and between the congregation and the district superintendent

Chair: Horace Tucker
2021-2023: Roselyn Johnston, Samantha Steele
2022-2024: Russ Growe, Thomas Hahn
2023-2025: Alan Mize, Don Robertson, Horace Tucker

Board of Trustees

Supervise and maintain all property belonging to the church so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective

Curtis Axsom – Audio/Video/Lighting (AVL), Scout Liaison, HVAC
Doug Warren – Plumbing, Trash and Recycling
Edgar Katterhenry – Vice President, Electrical Maintenance, Trustee Finance Representative

Jake Fitzsimmons – Secretary, Facility Engineering, Elevators, Fire alarms
Penni Lashua – CMO Board Representative; Kitchen, Grounds, Sprinkler System
Angie May – Security, Telephones, Internet, Office Equipment

Wally Dietz – Chair, Trailers, Parking Lot, Trailers, Parsonage
Beale Delano – Contracts, Insurance, Janitorial Services, Pest Control
Jim Paris

Nominations and Leadership Development

Identify and develop individuals to serve in leadership positions in the church.

Pastor/Chair: Nick Robinson
Lay Leader: Lynn Dole
2021-2023: Denny Taylor, Pauline Jordan, Tammy Maddox
2022-2024: Cheri Hart, Dan Kirkling
2023-2025: Gary Spiker, Laura Crossman, Cheryl Brosey

Ministry Teams

Team 0 – Ministry Leadership

Provides vision, direction, and organization for the other seven leadership teams

Ministry Leader:  Jeff Blasdel
Prayer Leader:
Recruiter: Samantha Steele
Encourager: Nick Robinson
Teacher: Debbie Frazier

Team 1 – Outreach

Reaching the lost and hurting by inviting them into God’s house, where they will feel the love and acceptance of Christ.

Ministry Leader:  Lynn Dole
Prayer Leader:
Recruiter: Steve Ferdon
Encourager: Kelly Axsom

Missions Subteam

Plans the missions outreach of Asbury

Chair: Mary Beth Wert
2020-22: Nancy Taylor

Conservatory Advisory Subteam

Oversees the music lesson program, Asbury Conservatory

Director: Alyssa Paul

Mary Sue Stone
Don Robertson
Tammy Maddox
Charles VanNatta
Ed Bruenjes

Ex-Officio: Nick Robinson

Outreach Program Coordinators

Asbury Men:  Chuck VanNatta
Medical Missions:
Mission Columbus: Steve Ferdon
Pit Stop: Dot Kirkling
Red Bird Mission: Mary Beth Wert
Ecumenical Assembly Representative: Susan Whipker
Community Garage Sale:

Team 2 – WOW (First Impressions)

Making church like Heaven on Earth by creating an accepting and friendly atmosphere where the love of God is demonstrated.

Ministry Leader: 
Prayer Leader: Wayne Reid
Teacher: Beale Delano

Team 3 – Atmosphere & Tech Arts

 Producing the finest, high-tech, professional, and exciting worship service that makes the Word of God seen and heard with cutting edge applications.

Ministry Leader:  Kevin Earnest
Prayer Leader:
Recruiter:  Dana Stickans
Encourager: Dan Kirkling
Teacher: Dennis Stone

Ambience Subteam

Banner Coordinator: Nancy Taylor
Credence Table Coordinator: Penni Lashua

Atmosphere and Tech Arts Program Coordinators

Webmaster: Kevin Earnest
Archivist: Dan Kirkling

Team 4 – Worship

Create an atmosphere of worship that will literally change lives. While we seek to provide music with excellence, the ultimate goal is to draw one closer to Jesus Christ.

Ministry Leader:  Candy Spiker
Prayer Leader:
Recruiter: Penni Lashua

Traditional Worship Planning Subteam

Plans and evaluates the traditional worship service

Chair: Candy Spiker
At-Large: Laura Hahn

Contemporary Worship Planners:


Worship Program Coordinators

Bell Choir: Ed Bruenjes
Organist: Ed Bruenjes
Communion: Dave and Janice Fisher
Acolyte: Lynn Dole

Team 5 – Care & Follow-up

Provide the love, acceptance, friendliness, and compassion of Christ to the visitor and to all those who come through the church doors with the purpose of assimilating them into the life and ministry of the church.

Ministry Leader:  Dot Kirkling
Prayer Leader: Lin Dietz
Recruiter: Laura Hahn

Asbury Connection Team:
Prayer Ministry: Linda Garitson
Hospital Visitation: Lin Dietz
Nursing Home and Homebound Visitation:
Calling Committee: Dot Kirkling
Funeral Dinners: Debbie Frazier
Asbury Knitters:
Barnabas Ministry (College Students):
Wedding Coordinators:
Pew Stewards: Janice Fisher
The Well Coordinators:  Penni Lashua
Library: Dot Kirkling

Team 6 – Children & Youth

Win children and youth to Christ, minister to their needs, encourage them to serve, and help them grow into spiritual maturity.

Ministry Leader:  Will Speaker
Prayer Leader: Margaret Herndon
Recruiter: Lisa Earnest
Teacher: Elaina Robinson

Scouting Representative: Curtis Axsom

Youth Subteam

Oversees the Ministry to Teens at Asbury

Youth Council Chair: Lisa Earnest
Youth Council At Large Members: Tami Iorio; Tracey Warren
Workcamp Coordinators: Lisa Earnest; Tracey Warren; Steve and Mary Ferdon

CMO Advisory Subteam

Oversees the pre-school program, Children’s Morning Out

Director: Kit Akins
Pastor: Nick Robinson
July 2018-June 2021: Tyla Kelley
July 2018-June 2021:
July 2019-June 2022: Kendra Phillabaum
July 2019-June 2022: Carolyn Stickans

Team 7 – Life Groups

Provide the love, acceptance, friendliness, and compassion of Christ by connecting friends to the church through life groups.

Ministry Leader:  Tom Brosey
Prayer Leader: Joe Mickel
Recruiter: Linda Garitson
Encourager: Mary Sue Stone