90 Minutes in Heaven

90 Minutes in Heaven, written by Don Piper

This book tells a true story. In 1989 Don Piper had a horrific automobile accident and was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.  Immediately he was transported to heaven and for the next 90 minutes had an experience that has affected his life ever since.  His description of that time in heaven is clear and precise and is reason enough to read the book.  But there is much more to the book.  Prayer is another important theme.  A pastor comes to the scene of the accident and feels called to pray for the victim of the accident even though he is told the man is dead.  He continues to pray and eventually feels a pulse.  The paramedics insist Don is dead but finally come to examine him again and realize he is alive.  The rest of the book tells about his slow and extremely painful recovery.  In fact, to this day he continues to deal with pain and is not able to do many things he could before.  For years he suffered from depression and still deals with it. But his faith in God has carried him through extremely difficult times and enabled him to help others through his Christian vocation and his willingness to help those who have suffered similar injuries. Prayer and serving others have brought him through, although it has not been easy.

This book could speak to people who wonder about heaven, who have suffered from pain or illness or depression, or who wonder if God hears our prayers.

Submitted by Sue Rhoades