A Way Forward Information

The United Methodist Church has been in an ongoing debate about homosexuality for many years. On one hand, the Bible clearly states the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching. On the other hand, the Bible clearly states we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. How should we respond to the tension between these two positions when we know this affects real people in the midst of their daily lives? What should be our official stance?

In 2016 a decision was made to form a committee known as The Commission on a Way Forward to study and recommend options to move from continuing debate to mission and ministry. The commission’s work has been completed and the General Conference of The United Methodist Church will be meeting in February 2019 to discuss and decide the official stance of the church.

There was a recent information sharing meeting at Asbury to help answer some questions about A Way Forward and what will be happening in the future. Information and resources presented at that meeting can be found here.