Adult Lent Study

This year’s Lenten season began on Wednesday, March 6th. To prepare our hearts and minds during the Lenten season, the Adult Sunday School classes will be participating in a 5-week study called “The Path to the Cross”. These 5 faith lessons were filmed on location in biblically significant sites. They lead us to a better understanding of the path Jesus followed to the cross. You are invited to participate in this study beginning on March 17th at 10:00 a.m. in one of the following class rooms:

* The Christian Living Class, in Room 116-starting March 10th.
* The Bible Study Class, in Room 122-starting March 17th.
* The Film Class, in the Lower Level Room 12-starting March 17th.
* Additionally, there will be a class meeting in the Lower Level behind Room 3- starting March 17th.