Asbury Kids Class

This week in Asbury Kids, we wrapped up our series on the book of Philippians. We talked about how to be content in all situations when we have a relationship with Jesus.

We played a game of tag. Some of the kids had a band on their arm that represented darkness- hurt, anger, sadness, and anxiety. They were the taggers. Everyone else was trying to avoid getting tagged. There were signs hidden all over the room that said peace, contentment or strength. If they found a hidden card, they got to hold it up and have immunity to being tagged. Some of the kids thought to share their card with others. How wise to share their strengths with their friends.

The past two weeks, we worked on special presents for our moms! The kids had a great time and did a beautiful job. I am sure our moms were pleased with their handmade gifts!

Asbury Kids is for children 1-6th grade. We meet each Wednesday evening at 6:30pm. Come join the fun. Asbury Kids are AWESOME!!!