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Pit Stop volunteers for Thursday, December 5th:  Bakers: Ann Miller, Pat Stonecipher, Connie Sherlock, Sally Riddle, Rosemary Bolenbaugh, Nancy Taylor, Janice Fisher.  Workers: Pam & Jerry Simo, Ron Luther, Pat Legger, Wally Dietz, Sue & Bill Linder, Sheila Thompson, Jan Buchanan, and Don Stonecipher.

Pit Stop volunteers for Thursday, December 12th: Bakers: Kathy Meyer, Wendy Brookover, Laura Crossman, Karen Blystone, Glenda Henry, Mary Ferdon, Kit Akins. Workers: Wendy & Jim Brookover, Sue Eaglin, Karen Blystone, Sue & Bill Linder, Sheila Thompson, Kathy Myer, Jan Buchanan, and Wally Dietz.

This Week in Worship
This week in Worship is available to you so that you can engage in all the worship activities for the week.

Asbury Church Staff Christmas Gifts 
In this season, we find ourselves reaching out to our families and friends who mean a lot to us to offer them our support and gifts in appreciation for what they meant to us. In the same way, you have an opportunity to show your appreciation to our wonderful and hardworking staff that has blessed us in many ways far beyond the requirements of their positions. One of the ways you can show your appreciation is by providing them a Christmas love offering. If you would like to contribute to staff gifts, you may place it in the offering plate by Sunday, December 15th or drop it off at the church office and mark it as “Staff Gift Fund.

Christmas Musical/Drama
Sunday December 22, Combined Worship Service at 10:30am in the Contemporary Worship Center.  Asbury will present a Christmas Musical, “How Great Our Joy”. This program will tell the story of our Savior’s birth thru the eyes of a modern day family. You will enjoy the songs of this special season as the story unfolds.

Christmas Eve at Asbury
Please come and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as we worship together on Tuesday, December 24th with a Candlelight Service.  Organ Prelude begins at 6:30pm and Service at 7pm in the Sanctuary.

Christmas Poinsettias 
During the Christmas Season we use poinsettias to decorate our Sanctuary. If you would like to purchase a poinsettia in honor or memory of someone, forms are available on the table at the back of the Sanctuary. Each poinsettia is $8.50. Please drop your order off at the Church Office or call, 812-372-4555. Donations to the Asbury Music Fund may also be given. Poinsettias will be available to take home after the Christmas Eve Service. We have 2 red and 6 white left.

For Reasons unknown to us, God has placed this family on our hearts by Norm Smith
This is a story Norm and I feel called to share with our Asbury friends. Fifteen years ago we were working at Redbird Mission on a single wide home for a mother, Glenda, and her five-year-old daughter, Shelli. Each day we would eat our lunch on the lawn and Glenda would come out to talk to Valerie Miller, Sue Rhoades and myself. At the end of our work week, Sue gave Glenda a Bible and Glenda asked to exchange addresses.

From this exchange Norm and I have kept in touch with Glenda and Shelli all these years. We have only seen them twice in the 15 years – once in their home (which is on the side of a mountain and difficult to get to) when Shelli was an 8th grader and then when Shelli graduated from high school. We have tried to treat Shelli like one of our granddaughters and with our encouragement she just finished two years of college (the first in her family to go to college) and on the Dean’s list. She is presently taking a year off to save some money and  help her mother.

Glenda was born with a cystic hygroma which needed to be removed at 6 weeks of age to prevent the left side of her face from hanging down and pulling it sideways. The cyst returned when she was 17 years old as tumors in her throat resulting in a temporary tracheotomy. At age 18, she had ¼ of her voice box and her epiglottis removed. All of this, plus other surgeries, have permanently damaged her throat.

Glenda is now facing a health crisis. Scar tissue is causing so much narrowing that her ability to breath is compromised. Her doctor at the University of Kentucky in Louisville is saying she may need a permanent tracheotomy, which she desperately wants to avoid. She may also need to have her voice box completely removed. She has already had one vocal cord removed.

Not only does her health situation seem bleak but her husband, whom she married since we met Glenda 15 years ago, lost his job a few months ago. He is a coal miner and the mine has shut down.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about this family or would like to help, you may contact, Norm and Beth Smith, at 812-372-8332.

Weather Alert
It’s that time of year when weather can quickly effect our worship Schedule. If Services need to be canceled due to bad
weather the cancellation will be posted on our website:, on the front page and on Channel 13 News.

Save the Date
The Asbury Men want you to mark your calendar for the Valentine Gala on Saturday, February 15th. We will have a gourmet dinner and entertainment by Scottish fiddler, Brian McClure. $10 tickets go on sale January 25th. Please feel free to invite your friends and neighbors.

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