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In person worship is currently suspended due to COVID-19. Please join us online. Links to our online worship are here

Asbury Kids
Asbury Kids will not be meeting for in-person due to Covid-19.  Heidi will be meeting with the Kids this week on Zoom at 6:30pm.

Advent Study and Devotionals
Advent is an important time in the church as we pause and become intentional in our looking forward to the celebration of the birth of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. This year, our first Advent Sunday will be on November 29th. Since we are unable to attend in-person worship, we may feel a bit isolated from our brothers and sisters in Christ during this season. We have a couple of opportunities that will give us a sense of unity as we read the same devotionals and watch the same Advent videos during this Advent season.
First, the church is providing a booklet of daily Advent devotionals, one per family, which begins on Sunday, November 29th . These booklets will be delivered by mail this week. If you do not receive a devotional booklet, please contact the church office at 812-372-4555.
Secondly, there are links on our website for you to individually watch 4 Advent videos from the study “Incarnation” by Adam Hamilton. To watch the Advent videos please go to here.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see links to each week’s video. There are specific instructions for signing on and watching each week.
May God bless each of us as we prepare for the celebration of the coming of the Christ Child, our Messiah, Savior and King.

News From Staff Parish Relations Committee – Pastor Dave’s Retirement 
For the past few years our SPRC committee has been discussing and working with our superintendents and Indiana Bishop Trimble to prepare for the day when Pastor Dave leaves Asbury and we need a new pastor.  On July 1, 2021, Pastor Dave and Karen will start their retirement. SPRC is working with Russ Abel, our new Superintendent, in the process of finding a new pastor, who we expect will be a great fit for Asbury.  Remember how October was pastor appreciation month and we were to tell him how much we appreciated what he does for all of us.  Pastor Appreciation Month is being extended to the end of June 2021.  These uncommon times will continue to stress not just us but our pastor, so please be there when needed.  Please join us in showing how we have been blessed during these years together, that we will cherish these next month’s even more. 

Love Chapel Christmas Pantry
The Ecumenical Assembly has begun accepting donations for this year’s Christmas Pantry. As you can imagine, 2020 has brought all of us many challenges which have been felt immensely by those in our community who struggle with feeding their families. As a Church we have once again committed to donate 300 CANS OF CORN and 300 CANS OF GREEN BEANS.  Donations may be dropped off at the Information Center in Fellowship Circle. If you and your family would prefer to make a monetary donation you can do so. All monies collected will be used for purchasing corn and beans.

Love Chapel Volunteers Needed
Love Chapel needs volunteers to pack and distribute Christmas Pantry food bags.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Janice at:

Prayer Station Volunteers Needed
The Love Chapel Worship Committee has decided to offer a prayer station at the Christmas Pantry to pray with and talk to any clients who receive a basket, if they so wish.  We are in need of volunteers to sign-up to assist with this.  If you are interested please email Kristi Jones at or call/text 812-216-0249.  Volunteers will be required to wear a mask and clients will remain in their car during this time.  

A Special Article From Ed Bruenjes
Twenty-five years ago, on Sunday, October 22, 1995, Asbury dedicated their newly transplanted, rebuilt, and enlarged pipe organ. There was a formal dedication and blessing of the Organ in each of the two morning services, as well as an evening Organ Dedication Celebration Service which was well attended by Asbury members as well as many people from the community. The evening Celebration Service included a wide variety of music and a slide show of the entire work processes, photographed and presented by Dennis Stone. It was also noted at the evening celebration, that the final cost came in under budget from the original proposal!

Asbury purchased and installed a new four-rank Schantz pipe organ in 1956 when the first Sanctuary was completed. It was expanded by two ranks when the new Sanctuary was built in 1967 for a total of six ranks. For many years, Asbury members had expressed the desire to expand our organ to fit the larger Sanctuary space and with more variety of sounds available. The opportunity to purchase most of the Reuter organ from First Presbyterian – Columbus came about at a time when Asbury was already well under construction with the major building expansion. There was a quick series of meetings and approval was given if there was a separate fund drive within a short time period. It only took one week to raise the necessary funding pledges for the organ project. A purchase contract was signed by Asbury and First Presbyterian shortly thereafter and work commenced after the Christmas/New Year’s holidays were over.
The work on the organ project included many people of all ages (children, youth and adults), beginning with both Asbury and First Presbyterian members carefully packing pipes into boxes and crates on a cold Sunday afternoon in January, followed by several days of removing the console and all of the organ chests, wind reservoirs, support frames and related materials. Chuck VanNatta organized daily morning and afternoon teams of men, supervised and led in the work process by Ed Bruenjes, to work on re-leathering all the parts and pieces in Dean Taylor’s garage for six weeks. We then spent several weeks to prepare our organ chamber, and for the installation of the larger parts. Fortunately, the large heavy main chests were hoisted into place by the construction crew working on our major building expansion. The console shell was sent to a furniture refinishing company in Greensburg, where they stripped the original factory white paint and stained it to match our dark walnut wood finishes. The electrical wiring connections for the stops, keys, pedals and combination action inside the console, cables run from the console to the chamber, and from the chests to the junction board in the chamber was completed by Ed Bruenjes. It took a couple more weeks to carefully clean and wash all of the pipes (which was also accomplished by a large number of youth and adults, including some school groups and other community members), and finally placed all the pipes on the chests and tuned. The organ was first played in worship services in early May and used throughout the summer months. It had been decided to hold the Organ Dedication Service at a time nearer to when the building expansion was also being dedicated.

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