Asbury Newsletter

Pastor’s Breakfast

The Asbury Pastor’s breakfast is for you!! The Pastor’s breakfast is an opportunity for you to feel welcomed and to meet Pastor Nick Robinson. A light breakfast will be served. This is a perfect setting to build new friendships and ask questions to get to know Asbury a little better. You will hear how Asbury strives to fulfill its vision: Come worship, Build faith, Love people. The Pastor’s breakfast is Sunday, June 26 at 10am in Room 122. We’d love to have you come!

VBS Breakfast

Thanks to everyone who helped with the breakfast on Sunday, June 19th.  Chuck VanNatta and Ron Brock prepared the fruit.  Dennis Johnston, Wally Dietz, and Kerry Meyer grilled the pancakes while Ron Brock and Rick Siefert served the drinks and fruit and kept the serving line filled.  Thanks to Penni Lashua and Sheri Waltz for supplying the coffee.  Also thanks to Dan Kirkling and Thomas Hahn for letting us use their griddles in addition to Wally’s and Dennis Johnston’s.  And finally, thanks to Heidi, Lynn, and all the VBS volunteers who made the whole week fun and amazing.  AWESOME GOD!!

And if I missed someone, and I probably did, I apologize.

Thanks, and Blessings,

Jeff Blasdel

The Meditation Gardens at Asbury

In 1966 the second building program at Asbury was started with the cornerstone laid.  This process must have had some discussion on the purpose and plan for the Mediation Garden courtyard.  With this article I hope to get some feedback from those with history on what happened from then till the late eighties.  Some things I remember seeing from the late 80’s was ironwood trees in the four center squares that the kids loved to climb.  Each pod had an electrical outlet as well as several areas around the outside perimeter which may have been lit at special times.  I think at the phase 3 building project the power was disconnected to the meditation garden.  Most outlets are now cut just below the ground level.  On the back wall there were nails stuck in the wall that reminded me of someone trying to train a tree to make a design up the brick wall. Who managed the plan and are there pictures someone may have?  I get a lot of questions about the trees at the entry and around at 27th street.  Also, the shrubs in the corners of the mediation garden along with the vines that the Bolenbaugh’s asked me to let live.  Flowers are just too numerous to keep track of.  I hope to have a future article on some of the past and current questions about the Asbury grounds and Meditation Garden in a future article.  I will split a plant and share with anyone upon asking.  Look in the garden for a new feature being installed.

Statement Ending – April 20, 2022

April Revenue
Monthly $26,039
YTD $161,348
2022 Budget $445,000

April Expenses
Monthly $43,518
YTD $184,689
2022 Budget $567,474

Net Income = Revenue over Expenses
Monthly -$17,479
YTD -$23,341
2022 Budget -$122,474

UMC Summer Camp

Hello Church!  We just want to make sure to share with you that the Outdoor Ministries is offering the Camp experience at 70% off right now!  How awesome is that!  If you have any questions, please get with Heidi at

Youth Mission Trips

We are planning three mission trips for this year.
Jr. High (current 6th & 7th Grade)
July 22-24 , Camp Indicoso
Cost $50/person
Sr. High (current 8th Grade – Seniors)
July 17-23 – ASP Trip to Breathitt County, KY
Cost $200/person

Who are the Asbury Ministry Team Leaders?

Below is a chart of our 7 Ministry Teams and the current leadership members.  This chart is also hanging on the main bulletin board just west of the Fellowship Circle.  If you are interested in joining one of those teams, please speak to the Team Leader or Recruiter for that team.   Find out more information about The Path.

Asbury History

There will be a copy of historical documents supplied and added to, regularly in a three-ring binder in the center of the Asbury library table for on sight use only.  Any comments, additions, corrections, and topic suggestions can be supplied to or through the church office.

Supplied by Dan Kirkling – Asbury Archivist