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Limited In Person Worship
Traditional Service, 8:45am, in the Sanctuary.  The Contemporary Limited Worship Service will begin March 7th at 11am, in the Contemporary Worship Center.  Please join us online. Links to our online worship are here

Congratulations to Asbury Youth for Academic Honors
Three of our youth, Colvin Iorio, Samantha Crossman, and Nela Riddle are in the top ten of Columbus North’s 2021 graduating class. Read the article in the Republic here.

The Current Worship Series is “Shaped.“
Throughout our lives we are shaped by many things: where we live, our ethnic background, our families and friends, our education, and our experiences. With so much information at our fingertips, we are also shaped by our sources of news and information.

Our shape has a significant impact on our attitudes, our choices, and our actions. What primary shapes you? As followers of Jesus Christ, we should be shaped by our relationship with Christ, by His example and teaching, by the stories we find in the Bible.

In this series, we will consider how God shaped some of the familiar people in the Bible, and how God seeks to shape us today.

Upper Room
The Upper Rooms for March – April have arrived.  If you need on sent to you by mail just contact the church office.

Lenten/Easter Devotionals
We have mailed out a 40 Day Lent Devotional booklet to our Asbury families.  We will be able to focus together each day on specific Scriptures.

Small Group Lenten/Easter Study
Asbury has some small groups that will be studying a 6 week Lenten/Easter study called “Savior”.  They would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to participate in this study via Zoom with one of their groups.  If you would like to join a group for this Lenten study, you are invited to make contact with one of the following group leaders to find out their starting date for the study:

       Tom Brosey ( – Sundays at 5:00 p.m.

       Mary Sue Stone ( – Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

       Dot Kirkling ( –  Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.

Update From Children’s Morning Out
I know this past year has been a different year for all of us, Children’s Morning Out (CMO) included. We were surprised when our year ended early in March 2020. As we closed for a week-long spring break, we hoped to get a much needed break and would return refreshed and renewed. Unfortunately, that did not happen for us. We were not able to return to CMO until August 2020. The time away was scary, confusing, and lonely for many – especially our kiddos.

While we never expected a nation-wide pandemic, CMO was financially prepared to cover some of the strain from this disaster. We were able to continue to pay our staff through the end of the school year with our savings, the Payroll Protection Plan funds the church received through the federal government, and an Indiana state grant for just over $20,000. As we returned to school in August, we needed to make programming changes to align with new church policies. One big change for us was that we could no longer use the Contemporary Worship Center as our “Big Room” for recess and morning/afternoon large group gatherings. We quickly changed up our rooms, and the kids were welcomed back to a new “Big Room.” To make the room more age appropriate, we applied for and were given a grant through the Heritage Fund of Bartholomew County to purchase new play equipment. Not only were the CMO kiddos excited for the change, the staff was excited, too!

While the last year has been met with some challenges, including a significant drop in attendance, we are still here and sharing the word of God 5 days a week. The days are not always easy, but we are getting through it with happy hearts and lots of smiles! We love being back with the kids and our co-workers, we are all getting much needed social interaction, and we are opening the church doors to those who need our services. In these uncertain times, CMO has been such a blessing to many, including our staff, our families, and their kids. When I hear our kids singing Lord’s Army with all their might, it feels a little different these days. God is so very good!
Kit Akins, CMO Director

Mostly Unnamed
What do the numbers 154, 36, and 0 mean to you?

Only a few people currently know the Asbury meaning: 154 Taco Casseroles, 36 Baked Spaghetti Casseroles, and now 0 casseroles left in the Asbury freezer!

The original intent was to use up the Pit Stop frozen food. Since we at Asbury are currently unable to have high school kids in the building, taco casseroles were made and frozen! The reduction of Pit Stop food is almost complete.

The next thought came because “Miss S” and “Miss D” had so much fun making and delivering taco casseroles that the process moved on to making baked spaghetti casseroles.

Groups receiving frozen casseroles were the Asbury Staff, CMO Workers, Asbury Worship and Tech Teams, and a few Asbury members chosen to try the “pick me up” meal.

The next casserole “Make” or “Delivery” event could include YOU! If anyone is interested or has a special frozen casserole recipe, let Asbury office (372-4555) know of your interest. There will be plenty of support from “Miss S” and “Miss D”…..masked and with appropriate distancing. The lower-level Asbury kitchen is used for all cooking and preparation.

YOU can bless someone by becoming an unnamed “Miss” or “Mr.”

A Word From the WOW Team
Would you like to be part of an exciting and rewarding ministry at Asbury?

The WOW Team is a first impressions team. Our purpose is to help first time attenders, returning attenders and members feel and experience the love of Jesus Christ by joyfully welcoming them into God’s house.

Consider volunteering for one of the Asbury WOW team service ministries. Some of the areas you can serve would be as a Parking Lot Greeter, Door Greeter, or Usher on Sunday mornings. Volunteers are also needed to be part of a setup and teardown team for special church events.

As Asbury begins to prepare to restart in-person worship, please consider volunteering to serve on one or more of these important ministries.

Should you have any questions, please call Paul Schultz, WOW Team Leader at 812-378-9979 or to volunteer, call
June Hagan, WOW Team Volunteer Coordinator at 812-372-6963.

Staff Parish Update
2021 will have it’s challenges, but with God on our side, we can take on anything.

As Asbury prepares to recognize the retirement of Pastor Dave as our pastor, we also prepare to accept the pastor that will be placed this summer to lead our church. We ask that our membership lean on the power of prayer.

* We need to lift up Dave & Karen, as they prepare to take on a new role in life as “retired”, and as we celebrate their service to our congregation.
*Pray that our staff and congregation prepare to accept and welcome the new pastor that will take the lead this summer.
*Pray for the congregation that will be losing their pastor to fill our vacancy. *Please also continue to pray for the staff, worship and tech teams as they continue to take on new challenges in order to serve our congregation and in an effort to Come . Build . Love.

As we prepare a proper “send off” event for Dave and Karen, we are asking you to share any photos or stories about Dave, Karen and their family, that would be appropriate. Please contact Dan Kirkling, as he is compiling a virtual scrapbook.
Susan Reid, SPRC Chair

Address or Phone Changes
If you have any changes to your address on phone number, contact the Church Office at 812-372-4445 or

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