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Let’s Paint!

LETS PAINT! October 9th we will be painting the Contemporary Worship Center. This is a way for us to serve and work together as an act of worship. There will be light snacks and drinks available, and there will be a hard stop at noon. So wear your painting clothes, we’ll see you there!

This is what the schedule for the day will look like:

  • 8:45am – Traditional Service, Sanctuary
  • 10am – Painting in the Contemporary Worship Center
    • Activities will be provided for the children!!
  • 11am – Devotional Time

Cider Making Party

You are invited to a cider party at the VanNatta orchard on Sunday, October 9th. Come at 3PM and bring a jug if you want to take home some fresh cider.

Brian McClure, Scottish fiddler, will entertain and there will be hot dogs on the grill.

It’s been a good apple year. Come and help us celebrate.


Wednesday Night Classes at Asbury

There will be no kids or adult classes meeting on Wednesday, October 12, due to Fall Break.

Donuts & Cider Sunday

On Sunday, October 30, between Services, we will be making homemade donuts and having fun decorating them with your favorite toppings. Cold cider will also be provided to go with your delicious donuts. Watch for more donut themed details to come!

Asbury Youth Garage Sale

We are so excited to let everyone know that the Garage sale will be coming soon!!! Saturday, November 5, 7:30am – Noon in the Contemporary Worship Center. Items can be brought to Asbury, beginning October 31st. If you need help getting your items to Asbury, please call the church office (812)372-4555).

Barnabas Ministry

Let me introduce you to the Barnabas Ministry also known as College Student Ministry.  The goal of this ministry is to encourage our students and keep a connection with them as they travel into the next stage of their lives.  We are looking for a person to help with this ministry.  If you would be interested in helping, please call Kathy Meyer at 816.810.5432. 

Right now we have 14 students we are praying for:
Lawrence Delano
Anna Jackson
Emily Miller
Colvin Iorio
Julia Iorio
Emma Harden
Elizabeth Richards
Cassidy May
Cora Beth King
Nela Riddle
Morgen Herndon
Emily Herndon
Samantha Crossman
Keagan Benjamin

If you know of another student we should add to our list, please call or text Kathy at the number above or notify the church office.  Please keep these students in your prayers as well. 

Redbird Mission – 2022 Summary

Our group of 7 had another great week at Red Bird Mission Workcamp.  The team included Jim and Wendy Brookover, Duane Mottier, Faithe Ann Welch, Kerry Meyer, Dave Porter and Mary Beth Wert. 

We were assigned to work at the home of Diane (a widow and single mom).  Dave and Kerry spent 3 days underneath the house – working on stabilizing the foundation.  They were lugging around 6” by 6” by 4’ (or even 8’) lumber and concrete blocks.  Once the floor was stable, the group was able to install new flooring in the kitchen and utility hallway.  This included new subfloor, linoleum and painting the trim.  We also replaced a broken window in the owner’s bedroom.  Much of the work was completed on our last day – due to the sequence of things.

Faith Promise gives $6000/year to Red Bird Work Camp.  Thanks to Asbury through Faith Promise donations for being such a great supporter of Red Bird.

Next year’s trip will be September 10-15, 2023.  Please consider joining us.

Asbury Conservatory Program

Asbury United Methodist Church is pleased to announce a new program called “The Asbury Conservatory”. The purpose of the program is to provide free music lessons to students of Bartholomew County. The Conservatory is organized in the spirit of Christian love to improve the quality of life of students through music education. Our information shows that there are many talented students that could have a more enjoyable and fulfilled life by taking private lessons and are not otherwise able.

The Conservatory program is governed by an Asbury appointed board whose members are: Mary Sue Stone, Don Robertson, Tammy Maddox, Charles VanNatta, Ed Bruenjes and Tyler Lawrence. The Asbury pastor is an ex-officio member.

The Asbury Conservatory is financed by a directed contribution to the Heritage Fund of Bartholomew County which will provide funds to the Conservatory program as needed.

All lessons will be given at Asbury in the lower level where a music studio will share the room with the film class.

News from the United Methodist Southeast District

Date: September 5, 2022
Re: Stay in the UMC or Disaffiliate
Many church leaders inquired and had several questions during the Listening Sessions, especially as to who made decision to disaffiliate and why. No UMC is required to disaffiliate. However, some chose to do so. Below is a brief timeline, explaining why and who initiated the disaffiliation, and a message from Bishop Trimble stating our core belief in Trinitarian theology.

General Conference delegates, consisting of those elected from their annual conferences on four continents are the decision makers. Half of the delegates are clergypersons and half are laypersons. Bishops preside at General Conference sessions, but do not vote.


  • 2016 General Conference – delegates hit the pause button on the denomination’s quadrennial debates related to homosexuality and requested that bishops offer a path forward. The “Commission on a Way Forward” was proposed by the Council of Bishops and approved by the 2016 General Conference delegates. They were tasked to do a complete examination and possible revision of every paragraph of the Book of Discipline concerning human sexuality and explore options that help to maintain and strengthen the unity of the church. The Council of Bishops submitted a report and proposed legislation to the Special Session of the General Conference in 2019.
  • Feb 23-26, 2019 – A Special Session of the General Conference met to act on the report from the “Commission on a Way Forward”. The Commission presented three plans and The Traditional Plan, which strengthened enforcement of language in the Book of Discipline against the ordination and marriage of LGBTQ members, passed by a narrow margin (53%) which spoke to the divide in delegates over this issue. A disaffiliation plan was also passed, which provided guidelines for congregations who wish to leave The United Methodist Church for reasons of conscience regarding issues of human sexuality. Paragraph 2553 was added to the Book of Discipline outlining this plan and included the deadline of December 31, 2023 for a local church to complete this process.
  • July 19-December 17, 2019 – A group representing all different theological viewpoints within the denomination met and brokered a deal to create a separate “traditionalist” Methodist denomination that would receive $25 million from The United Methodist Church over the next four years. The “Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation” was developed and signed by the persons involved in the mediated negotiations but still needed approval at the 2020 General Conference.
  • 2020 General Conference – Delegates were prepared to vote on the proposal when COVID-19 cancelled their conference not once, but three times. Currently, this conference is set for 2024. After the third postponement, the Global Methodist Church decided the theologically conservative denomination would launch on May 1, 2022 – but with no separation plan in place.

If you want to know more, go to Ask The, a ministry of United MethodistCommunications.

** A message from Bishop Trimble on being United Methodist while refuting misinformation

Greetings to clergy and laity of the Indiana Conference,

I am full of joy and thanksgiving when I think of how faithful you have been in your efforts to be the best churches you can be in challenging times. The care for members and the communities you serve is always a challenge given the rapid changes in our society and the needs of the mission field.

I am privileged to serve as your bishop as you have demonstrated in a variety of ministries your “Love of God and Neighbor,” as seen in summer camping, Vacation Bible School, feeding our neighbors, and responding to disasters through your giving and volunteering. As children have returned to school, we celebrate the ways in which families can be supported by their churches, and our churches can be good partners with the schools and institutions in our local communities. I applaud the campus ministries and all the many ways clergy are serving people of all ages beyond the local Church.

With all the good that is happening through the Church, it is unfortunate that some of our members have been exposed to misinformation about The United Methodist Church. These fundamental United Methodist beliefs have not changed:

God: We believe in one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (the Trinity). Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God saves us and restores and heals all of creation.

The Bible: The Bible is our primary source for understanding God’s will for our lives and for the world. Our reason, experience, and the history of the Church’s interpretation help us to understand more fully what God is teaching us in the Bible.

The Church: We believe the Christian Church is the community of all true believers under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The United Methodist Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Local churches and extension ministries of the Church provide the most significant arenas through which disciple-making occurs. The United Methodist Church is part of the holy catholic (universal) church, as we confess in the Apostles’ Creed. All people may attend our worship, participate in our programs, receive the sacraments, and become a member in any local church in the Connection.

Grace: John Wesley, one of the primary founders of the Methodist movement in England, emphasized God’s grace. God loves and is present with all people by God’s prevenient grace. God graciously forgives, restores, and receives us through God’s justifying grace. God continues to grow us into better followers of Jesus through God’s sanctifying grace.

There have been assertions that The United Methodist Church plans to eliminate or alter foundational theological doctrines including the Trinity and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. These claims are blatantly untrue, and I would question the motives of any person who would assert such falsehoods.

Many clergy and laity across the Church in the United States have expressed doubts that there will be a place for traditionalists or those who call themselves orthodox in The United Methodist Church. One of the great strengths of Indiana United Methodists is our diversity of thought and our support for churches of every size across the counties in Indiana. Traditionalists and progressives and centrists and those who reject labels are welcome and will continue to find a home in the Indiana Conference. If you have been told you need to depart the denomination to join a different one, beware of false claims and promises. Jesus is the center of our joy: Finally, there are assertions that bishops and cabinets are not upholding The Book of Discipline. I have instructed our cabinet to emphasize their role as missional strategists and ministry supporters of local churches and leaders equipping all the saints for ministry. We were not called to be prosecutors or persecutors but lean into the work of a “paraclete,” often referred to as Holy Spirit or one who is a helper and advocate. It is One who comes alongside as we journey in ministry under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We have addressed complaints in accordance with our Book of Discipline with the appropriate discretion, confidentiality, and commitment to just resolutions. Our primary business is calling people to a life of faithful discipleship.

If you want to learn more about The United Methodist Church, visit If your church wants help with discernment or discussion of what we believe, I encourage you to start with your pastor and the Conference Superintendent.

There is much to celebrate in The United Methodist Church, especially in Indiana, and we will continue to “Do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God.” I am blessed and encouraged to serve as the resident bishop of the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Be Encouraged,

Bishop Julius C. Trimble

Resident Bishop

Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church

Children’s Morning Out

CMO recently hired Julie Winters to act as a liaison between the church and CMO. She has been working at CMO for 2 years and is the Lead Teacher in the Red Room (pre-k). She is excited to work closely with Team 6 to better incorporate CMO kids and their parents into our church.

Julie and her husband, Michael, have 2 kids – Elle and Anna. Julie loves spending time with family and is an amazing baker.

Julie Winters

Keep your eyes out for updates from CMO as the school year progresses.

Asbury on Instagram

One of the ways to stay up-to-date with activities at Asbury UMC is by following our social pages — specifically the Asbury Instagram (@theasburycolumbus).  This link will take you directly to our page where you can press the follow button and see us in your Instagram Feed. Need to sign up for a free Instagram account and learn how to use it? Here’s a step by step!

Pit Stop (Taco Church)

Pit Stop Mission Statement is: In response to God’s call, Christian servants have a local mission opportunity to serve high school youth an inexpensive lunch in a safe environment.

Every Thursday, when school is in full day session, a $4.00 taco/chicken lunch is served from 11:30am -1:30pm.

The Taco Church is open for Pit Stop lunches again for the 2022-2023 school year.

We served 97 students the first week, 133 students week two, and 137 students week three.

If you want to witness the activity and feel the energy of Thursday lunch at Asbury, stop by any Thursday that school is in session about 11:15 am.  Bring $4 and while you are here enjoy  the best lunch bargain in Bartholomew County.

Statement Ending – July 30, 2022

July Revenue
Monthly $ 30,512
YTD $256,364
2022 Budget $445,000

July Expenses
Monthly $ 47,483
YTD $319,811
2022 Budget $567,474

Net Income = Revenue over Expenses
Monthly $ – 16,971
YTD $ – 63,447
2022 Budget $ -122,474

Who are the Asbury Ministry Team Leaders?

Below is a chart of our 7 Ministry Teams and the current leadership members.  This chart is also hanging on the main bulletin board just west of the Fellowship Circle.  If you are interested in joining one of those teams, please speak to the Team Leader or Recruiter for that team.   Find out more information about The Path.

Asbury History  

Columbus Christian Singles and Pastor Larry Schwartz

Pastor Larry Schwartz and wife Mary came to Asbury in June 1986.  Pastor Larry was at Asbury 1986 to 1990.  One of the early missions he was involved in at its creation was Columbus Christian Singles.  In October 1986 the group started through the leadership of Norma Stevenson, Brenda Thompson, Jim Bass, and Jodie Harris.  At the first meeting there was fifty-two people attending from across the community.  Every Sunday evening there was a support group meeting that Pastor Larry led before the larger gathering of people playing games, volleyball, and having snacks.  Every month there were many other events planned that touched many locations in Indiana.  Columbus Christian Singles stopped as an organization sometime in the 1990’s because many of the singles got married.  God blessed many people through this ministry.  A few years later there was a restart attempt at Asbury which several of the marrieds and singles supported.  Unfortunately, there was not enough energy and interest to keep it going. 

There will be a copy of historical documents supplied and added to, regularly in a three-ring binder in the center of the Asbury library table for on sight use only.  Any comments, additions, corrections, and topic suggestions can be supplied to or through the church office.

Supplied by Dan Kirkling – Asbury Archivist