Family Devotions

Chapter 30 – Paul’s Final Days

Day One – Trouble Ahead
Today’s reading: Page 234 through page 235
(from The Story for Children) Page 272 through 273
(from The Story for Little Ones) Page 132 through 135
This reading covers: Acts 20, 22
Summary: Because God sent him, Paul goes to Jerusalem knowing trouble is there.
Do together: Ask the children what rule the family has that no one likes to follow, but everyone knows is for their best.
Think about: When Mom and Dad tell us something is for our own good, we have to trust them, because we know how much they love us. When God tells us to do something because it is for our own good, we have to trust him, because we know that he loves us. Paul knew God wanted him to go to Jerusalem. Paul also knew there would be trouble. He knew that maybe it would not be safe, but God kept him safe. Tomorrow we will see a big problem on a ship. But God will keep Paul safe.
Also read: Hebrews 11:1
Prayer: Father God, you always know what is best for us. Sometimes we get scared but we know we can always trust you to take care of us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Day Two – Shipwreck
Today’s reading: Page 236 through break on page 240
(from The Story for Children) Page 274 through 279
(from The Story for Little Ones) Page 136 through 139
This reading covers: Acts 27
Summary: Paul’s faith in God saves all those aboard.
Do together: Play a game of “Follow the Leader.” What do you like best, being the follower, or being the leader?
Think about: God gives us all kinds of leaders in our lives. The best kind of leader is one who loves God and leads us where God wants us to go. We know we can trust that kind of leader. Paul and the ship full of men were in big trouble. The ship was going to crash, and they were going to be stuck somewhere. Paul told them all not to be afraid. He said that he knew God was going to take care of them and no one was going to die. He had a strong faith in what God promised him. Do you think he was a good leader? Who are some leaders in your life?
Also read: Hebrews 11:1 again. Practice saying it with the children.
Prayer: Father, we are very thankful for the leaders in our life. We want to pray for each of them: for our teachers and our leaders at school; for mom and dad and the leaders in our family; even for our brothers and sisters. Help all of them to follow you as they help us to follow you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Day Three – Stranded
Today’s reading: Break on page 240 through end of chapter
(from The Story for Children) Page 274 through 279
(from The Story for Little Ones) Page 136 through 139
This reading covers: Acts 28
Summary: Paul helps people even when stranded on an island.
Do together: Turn dinner into a chance to serve one another. Have older children serve the younger children as the table is set and food is served. Then give the younger children a chance to serve the older children at the end of the meal.
Think about: Helping others is important. One of the things we do to show God’s love to others is to be helpful to them. When we help people with a good attitude, they can see Jesus in us. Paul was a good helper. He helped to take care of the people who were on the ship that crashed. No one was killed, just like he said, but they still needed to work together to take care of each other. Who can you help tonight? Who can you help tomorrow? We should look for ways to be helpful.
Also read: Hebrews 11:1 – Hopefully everyone has this one memorized by now. See if they can say it without
Prayer: Dear Lord, please help us to see ways to be helpful to others, so that others may see your love through
us. We thank you for those that help us every day. In your name, Amen.