Church Camp 2021

We are excited to announce that The United Methodist Church Conference is offering church camp called Impact 2818 this summer 2021! Of course, with COVID still being an issue, the camps have put in place stringent policies to keep campers safe while still being able to encourage children, youth, and adults to renew and build their faith in Jesus.

There are many options for camp. Impact 2818 offers camp for children kindergarten through high school. They also offer family camp, adult special needs camp, and retreats. Please visit their website for more information. or visit their Facebook page Camp brocures are at the Welcome Ceneter!

Through generous contributions from our congregation, Asbury has a camping fund! This allows us to pay a portion of the cost of camp. Through scholarships provided through The United Methodist Church Conference and our camp fund, families will only pay $125 per camper. We want EVERY child to be able to experience camp. If assistance is needed in with any cost, please email Heidi at

Fun Fact: Why is this ministry called Impact 2818? It represents the goal and purpose of The United Methodist Church outdoor ministry. Matthew 28:18-20 The Great Commission where as followers, we are being sent into the world on Jesus’ authority to make God’s transforming love knows. WOW!!!

To register for camp please follow this link.