Faith and Community Development Survey

Asbury CMO Families, (Please complete by February 28, 2022)
Your Asbury Church family is reaching out to see if there are ways we can enhance/help you grow in your faith
and community here at Asbury UMC.
Are you looking for an opportunity to connect with fellow Preschool parents at CMO? Need quality ME time?
Please provide us with feedback so that we can identify what areas would interest you.

Asbury UMC Worship Schedule
Traditional Worship Service, 8:45am, Sanctuary
Contemporary Worship Service, 11am, Big Room (Contemporary Worship Center)
J.A.M. (Jesus & Me) Children’s Church, 8:45am & 11am (potty trained – 3rd Grade)

Nursery (Under 3yrs of age) Available for all Services and Sunday School Classes (staffed by CMO employees)
Sunday School Classes 10-10:45 am (3yrs & potty trained – Adult)

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and lemonade offered in the Fellowship Circle between services.

Please let me know which ideas are of interest to you and what time
frame is best. We hope to get something going by mid-March.

If you are willing to assist in building on these ideas, please contact Susan by text, call or email.

Susan Reid – The Muffin Lady
Preschool Sunday School teacher
Asbury UMC – CMO Bridge Builder