Corona Virus Response

Throughout the last few weeks the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has dominated much of the news. Its rise has come at the same time as normal flu season. Sporting events and other public gatherings have been cancelled as health care officials seek steps to minimize the impact of this disease on our communities.

One of those steps is to limit the personal interactions when the virus can be communicated from one person to another. The recommendations of our local, state, and national governments are that we limit large gatherings of people. We are following those recommendations and suspending church gatherings through Sunday, April 19th. This is a significant step for us, since corporate worship is a big part of who we are and what we do. We acknowledge Asbury is a part of a larger community and we desire to be unified in our response.

No ‘In Person’ Worship Until Sunday, May 3 (possibly longer)

We are recording the scripture reading, message, and prayer time and making it available online each Sunday. We are hoping to add some other aspects, such as music, to our online experience, but we are being careful that we do not jeopardize the health of our musicians, tech team, and their families. Thank you for your understanding and grace.

Online Messages Are Here

Remember, God is at work around us in powerful ways. When the Israelites were led through the wilderness, they dealt with many challenges. Each challenge was another opportunity to experience God’s faithfulness. We believe God’s faithfulness will be evident in this experience as well.

In the mean time, keep praying God that would use this time to speak to us, and that we would listen to His voice in the midst of the storm.

Some practical things:

  • If you or someone with whom you are in close contact is sick, please stay home.
  • If you are chronically ill or considered at risk because of other underlying health concerns, please stay home.
  • Call your doctor if you think you may have contracted the COVID-19 virus – typical symptoms include fever, coughing, and shortness of breath.
  • Consider the social distancing protocols recommended by the CDC of standing at least 6 feet away from someone who may be sick.
  • Practice the personal hygiene of frequently washing your hands.
  • If you think you may have come in contact with someone who is sick, put yourself in ‘self quarantine’ until you can be sure you are not sick.

Please pray for the leaders around our world as they continue to work through this problem. Please pray for the leaders of Asbury as we consider how we can help our community to Come Build Love.

For more information about the corona virus, we have a post with links to current CDC information here.

And finally, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God. Trust also in me.” John 14:1