Daily Bible Reading: Acts 22-23

[24] The commander brought Paul inside and ordered him lashed with whips to make him confess his crime. He wanted to find out why the crowd had become so furious. [25] When they tied Paul down to lash him, Paul said to the officer standing there, “Is it legal for you to whip a Roman citizen who hasn’t even been tried?”
[26] When the officer heard this, he went to the commander and asked, “What are you doing? This man is a Roman citizen!”
[27] So the commander went over and asked Paul, “Tell me, are you a Roman citizen?” “Yes, I certainly am,” Paul replied.
[28] “I am, too,” the commander muttered, “and it cost me plenty!” Paul answered, “But I am a citizen by birth!”
[29] The soldiers who were about to interrogate Paul quickly withdrew when they heard he was a Roman citizen, and the commander was frightened because he had ordered him bound and whipped. ​Acts 22:24-29 NLT
This section of scripture makes me think of a Secret Service officer guarding the president as the president is making a public speech. All through the president’s speech, the officer is so concerned about his/her duty that the words spoken by the president remain unheard. He/she can be so close, yet focus on the job causes them to miss important things.
I wonder how often that happens to those of us who have been raised in the church, or who have been in the church for a long time. There are many things that need to be done: committee meetings, preparation to lead or participate in a Bible stidy, pray for all of the people on a prayer list, visit the sick, feed the hungry, clothe those who are naked, do morning devotions, sing in the choir, pass out worship bulletins, and more. The list of things to do goes on and on.
When do we allow ourselves to stop ‘doing,’ to sit at the feet of Jesus, and to merely ‘be’ with Him? Perhaps today. But be careful. Do not allow ‘being’ with Jesus to become just another item on your to do list.