Daily Bible Reading: Job 3

This is the first of the lengthy dialogues within this book. Job is in the middle of suffering and he asks the question, “Why?” He is neither the first person to ask this question, nor will he be the last. It is the question we ask when faced with loss and suffering.
Reading this chapter reminded me of a speech contest I attended years ago. The participants had been asked to prepare and deliver a short speech based on the phrase, “Why me?” As I recall, the participants addressed the topic from three different perspectives. The first was similar to Job, considering some of the negative experiences of life and the questions raised. The second turned the phrase around and considered it from the perspective of, “Why not me?” The third considered the question of, “Why me?” from the position of wondering why the speaker had experienced so many blessings. Why was I born into this family? Why have I had the privilege of growing up in Indiana? In the United States? Why have I consistently had enough food to eat? Or clean water to drink? Why have I had all of the opportunities that have been available to me? And then, what will I do with the blessings I have received?
Yet, the response of Job is natural for us. When we are in the middle of loss or suffering, we are often consumed by the present pain. When we experience loss, when we are in the midst of suffering, may we remember the question, “Why?” has many facets.
Job 3:1,3,11-12,16,20,23 NLT
[1] At last Job spoke, and he cursed the day of his birth. [3] “Let the day of my birth be erased, and the night I was conceived.
[11] “Why wasn’t I born dead? Why didn’t I die as I came from the womb?
[12] Why was I laid on my mother’s lap? Why did she nurse me at her breasts?
[16] Why wasn’t I buried like a stillborn child, like a baby who never lives to see the light?
[20] “Oh, why give light to those in misery, and life to those who are bitter?
[23] Why is life given to those with no future, those God has surrounded with difficulties?