Asbury Men Family Fish Fry

Saturday, September 17th, 5:30 to 7pm.  We are really looking forward to the return of the fish fry after missing two years. Several things have happened mainly the person who did our frying for many years, Shorty, passed away and we had no luck in finding another fryer. We had decided that we would have to buy our own frying equipment when we became very lucky. Curt Axsom, Asbury Scout Leader, who had worked with the scouts serving food at the fair grandstand for many years found out that the Lions Club would no longer have that concession. For all the scouts work over the years, the Lions Club gave their fryer to the scouts. Curt has made this deep fryer available for our Asbury fish fry.

Further good news–when we told our Men’s Group about the fryer and the expected costs of the event one of our very generous Asbury Men said he would underwrite the cost of the fish fry. This means the Fish Fry this year will be FREE for everyone. Friends and neighbors will still be invited as well as CMO staff and families.

HOWEVER, EVERYONE MUST SIGN UP IF THEY WILL ATTEND. We must know how much food to prepare. Beginning August 28th you will be able to sign up on Sunday morning, calling the church office (812-372-4555), or fill out the form below. Take out will be available.

We would like to see everyone munching on those delicious fish sandwiches.

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