Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) MobilePack


Thank you for helping make the 2019 Feed My Starving Children MobilePack event at Asbury a success! With your help we packed 163,296 meals during the event. This is enough food to feed 447 children for a year!!

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a non-profit Christian organization committed to feeding God’s children hungry in body and spirit. The approach is simple: volunteers hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children, and the meals are shipped to food distribution partners in nearly 50 countries around the world. For more information about FMSC, click here.

How does a MobilePack work? FMSC brings raw ingredients, equipment, and trained staff. The funds and “people power” to produce meals come from volunteers within and around Columbus.

Food-packing takes place in two-hour shifts, with adults and children (Ages 5 and up) filling and sealing bags at work stations. Volunteers can sign up as individuals or register with families, friends, coworkers, athletic teams, etc.

Answers to other Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

As a MobilePack host, Asbury UMC has committed to cover the costs of meals, but we cannot do it alone. We encourage area churches, businesses, schools, organizations and individuals to help us make this dream come true through prayer, monetary donations and physical support.

Asbury MobilePack Events

Asbury United Methodist Church has hosted 8 MobilePack Events. 1,380,240 meals have been packed by over 6,250 volunteers. This represents enough meals to feed 3,781 children for an entire year. We could not have accomplished our goals without the work and support of the many people, churches, and organizations in Columbus and the surrounding community. Thank you!

We will soon begin working on the 2020 Mobilepack, which will likely be in September. If you have helped pack meals in the past, we hope to see you again this year. If you have never packed meals before, we hope you will join us. We know you will be blessed by doing so.

2020 Timetable

March Begin detailed planning for the 2020 MobilePack.
Mid June First payment (1/3 of total meal cost) due to FMSC organization.
Early August Second payment (1/3 of total meal cost) due to FMSC organization.
Final meal goal is set.
Volunteer registration begins.
September FMSC MobilePack event at Asbury UMC.
Late October Final payment to FMSC is due.

Team Sign-up and Fundraising

Participating as part of a team is a lot of fun. We encourage you to get your teams organized early so that when registration opens you can get everyone registered for the shift of your choosing. Team fund raising events are encouraged, too. It is estimated that each person packs one box. The cost of one box of meals is $50.00. Registration will be open to volunteer for the 2020 MobilePack about 4 weeks before the event.


You can still make a donation to the Asbury Feed My Starving Children 2019 MobilePack in honor of your parents, children, grandchildren, friend, neighbor, co-worker or anyone else you want to bless at the FMSC site. You can also donate through Asbury’s online giving service.

The History of FMSC at Asbury

You can learn more about the history of Feed My Starving Children at Asbury here.