History of Feed My Starving Children at Asbury

In the Beginning

We first became aware of Feed My Starving Children in the fall of 2011 when a group from Asbury went to a Mobilepack event at another church in southern Indiana. From that first event, we were convinced this was something God was calling us to do. We realized we could change the lives of people around the world from right here in Columbus. (And we could do it without getting on a plane!) We also knew this was a great opportunity to work with other people to make this happen.

The first Mobilepack at Asbury took place in 2012, and we have not looked back. We have been blessed as people from many churches, service organizations, and local companies have supported these events with volunteer time and donations.

The History of Asbury MobilePack Events

Asbury United Methodist Church has completed 7 MobilePack Events. This is a list of what happened at each of our previous MobilePacks. We know we could not have accomplished our goals without the work and support of the many people, churches, and organizations in the Columbus and the surrounding community. Thank you!

Year Goal Actual Meals Packed Volunteers Children Fed for 1 Year
2012 123,000 125,064 600 342
2013 116,000 122,256 575 334
2014 150,000 163,296 780 447
2015 200,000 233,280 1080 639
2016 200,000 209,952 1000 575
2017 200,000 202,176 898 553
2018 155,000 160,920 750 440
2019 155,000 163,296 750 447
Total 1,380,240 >6250 3,781

Looking Ahead

Planning for this year’s Mobilepack is well underway. We look forward to seeing many of our friends again in September!