Getting to Know Us

As we welcome Pastor Nick Robinson to Asbury in July, we will be getting to know Nick and the other 3 people in his family. For us, that is only 4 new names and faces to learn. However, he will be getting to know hundreds of new people. And new street names. And new doctors. And new places to shop. And new parks. And new restaurants. And new…

We are working to make this a little easier for him. Part of our plan is to create a binder with a “Getting to Know You” page for each of the families of Asbury. Many of you have already provided information for your family’s page. Thank you for doing this!

Information sheets for the binder are available at the Guest Center at the church. Or, you can download the sheet, fill it out, and bring it to the church. Just leave it in Jennifer’s mail box, outside of the office. Another option is to email your answers to the questions to:, and Jennifer will create a sheet for you.

Remember to include a family photo, as this really helps.

Contact Jennifer is you have any questions at