Giving has always been an important part of building faith. When we give, we are acknowledging and responding to God’s providence. It builds our faith in several ways.

  • First, we are trusting God that what we keep for ourselves will be enough to meet our needs. Each time we do so, we are learning to trust God. At the same time, God is building a spirit of generosity in us.
  • Second, we are relinquishing control over what we give and trusting it will be used for God’s work in the world.
  • Third, we may be responding to a need God is revealing to us. As we become aware of the needs around us, this is an invitation to join God in meeting that need.

There are several ways to give at Asbury.

  • During Worship – As part of our weekly worship, we receive tithes, gifts, and offerings. Gifts may be in the form of cash or check.
  • Church Office – Gifts may be given through the church office during regular office hours (7:30 am – 3:30 pm, Mon. – Fri.) or by mail. The church address is: 1751 27th Street, Columbus, IN 47201.
  • Online Giving