Intentional Faith Development

In January, 2018, a group started meeting with the aim of establishing a forward-looking framework for Intentional Faith Development at Asbury. Over the last six months we have created a master plan for Christian Education.

We studied the book “Basics of Christian Education” by Karen Tye. In that study, we learned that Christian education encompasses everything about the church: classes, experiences, worship, etc. We teach by what we do – and by what we don’t do. People learn not only by the lessons we prepare but also by the environments in which they are presented.

The group has created a master plan that provides the scope and sequence for studies and experiences for children, youth and adults. This master plan will be updated as we refine our approach to Christian Education. This information is embodied in three charts:

The next steps in the Intentional Faith Development work include evaluating Sunday school materials for compliance with our master plan, providing more support for our teachers, and developing material to help parents reinforce the lessons that their children learn on Sunday.

Please continue to pray for the success of this effort as we take our next steps in creating disciples for Jesus Christ at Asbury.