Adult Experiences

Congregational Involvement Model

For the purposes of classifying experience recommendations, People are identified by their level of involvement in the activities of the congregation.  This involvement model is adapted from Pastor Andy Stanley’s work at North Point Community Church.  The levels of involvement are not well defined, but serve only as guidelines.  The involvement model that we use has four levels: porch, foyer, living room and kitchen.  At each successive level, we believe that people are prepared to become more involved in the life of the congregation.

Suggested Experiences

On the Porch (people who have not been guests at worship yet)
  • Group Meals Participant
    • Thanksgiving Brunch
    • Easter Brunch
    • Valentines Gala
  • Tech Team
  • Bible Study Participant
  • Worship Experience (Traditional, Contemporary)
  • FMSC Volunteer
  • Mission Columbus Worker
  • Camp Moneto Weekend Participant
  • Youth Mission Trip Participant
  • Adult Mission Trip Participant
In the Foyer (people who have attended worship)
  • Daily Time with God
  • Choir / Praise Team
  • Support Roles: Usher / Greeter / The Well / Communion Stewards
  • Explore Small Group(s)
  • Small Group Participant
  • Bible Study Introduction
  • VBS Volunteer
  • Identify Spiritual Gifts
  • Mission Trips / Work Camps (National, International)
  • Church Committees
  • Group Meals Volunteer
In the Living Room (people who are active in the congregation)
  • Church Council (committee chair)
  • Membership Care committee
  • FMSC Staff
  • Small Group Leader
  • VBS Teacher
  • Alpha Course Staff
  • Youth Mission Trip Leader
  • Adult Mission Trip Leader
In the Kitchen (people who lead activities)
  • FMSC Coordinator
  • VBS Organizer
  • Bible Study Leader
  • Special Projects Leader
  • Alpha Course Organizer