Adult Study Topics

Spiritual Maturity Model

For the purposes of classifying study topics, adult learners are identified by their level of spiritual maturity. A person’s spiritual maturity is self-declared. The groups are not well defined, but serve only as guidelines. The maturity model that we use has four groups: seeker, student, servant and steward. At each successive level, we believe that learners are prepared for greater detail and more abstract concepts.

Suggested Study Topics

  • Who is God? Who are you? (Not God)
  • How do I know He exists?
  • Who is the Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit?
  • Why did Jesus come?
  • Need a compelling reason to want to become like other Christians.
  • Why do we need Christ?
  • Why do we worship God?
  • Clarification of God as Creator
  • Meet Christ ~ Know Christ.
  • Bible basics (elements of Vital Christianity)
  • A relationship with Christ.
  • How to pray / talk with God.
  • God loves you / Jesus is your friend.
  • How to study the bible.
  • What do Christians believe?
  • Christian living / decision making.
  • Basic Christian (practical) theology.
  • Our relationship with God.
  • Making the decision to follow Jesus.
  • Emulating Christ.
  • Belief in God the Father & in Jesus His son who lives, educates & sacrificed for us.
  • Explore our relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  • What does God expect of us?
  • The value of community (the Body – Fellowship)
  • How to hear God.
  • How do I continue to grow?
  • Learning to live the Christian life in today’s world.
  • Christian living.
  • Practicing your faith.
  • Jesus is Lord!
  • Intermediate Bible Study.
  • Sharing your faith / How to witness.
  • How to share your faith journey.
  • Practical Theology.
  • What do other religions believe?
  • History of the UMC.
  • Becoming more childlike.
  • Dealing with tough issues / tensions.
  • Evaluating spiritual maturity (knowledge and practice).
  • Advanced Bible Study.
  • Mentoring / Shepherding.
  • Practical Theology.
  • Ready to fully live, teach & work in God’s world today.