17801007_xxl_400w_446h_10pb_10plAn important component of our purpose at Asbury is Intentional Faith Development – of both Asbury members and anyone walking through our doors who is seeking spiritual and personal growth.

Sunday School
As the name implies, Sunday School offers the opportunity to study the Bible in an informal and inclusive environment with small groups of people who have interests similar to your own. Our Sunday School takes place between the Traditional and Contemporary service. Groups gather in just about every available classroom and meeting space, and the doors are always open. Come on in!

Adult Ministries
Adult educational opportunities are created to encourage and support understanding of who Jesus Christ is and the role He plays in our lives, church, communities and world.

Youth Groups and Activities
God chooses to work through people of all ages. Youth ministries provide age-specific religious experiences to help guide and point students to Jesus as they walk with God and grow into a mature, real faith.

Children’s Ministries
Children are a blessing from the Lord. Just like adults, children also have spiritual needs unique to their ages and life experiences. Our Children’s Ministries strive to provide an environment in which children are safe, are taught at an age-appropriate level, and are encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Music Ministries
Asbury’s music ministry uses live music in a variety of ways to praise and serve God, share the gospel, and to lead the congregation as they praise and worship Him.