Leadership Directory

Church Council – 2021

Chair: Al Watanabe
Vice Chair: Tracey Warren
Recording Secretary: Rayetta Mize
Lay Member to Annual Conference: Dennis Stone
Lay Leader: Lynn Dole
Church Treasurer: Paul Schultz
Chair Staff Parish Relations: Susan Reid
Chair Stewardship:
Chair Trustees: Wally Dietz
Chair Finance: Dave Crossman
Chair Worship: Tyler Lawrence
Chair Missions: Mary Beth Wert
Chair Asbury Care Team:
Pastor: Dave Blystone
Youth Council Chair: Lisa Earnest
Asbury Men Representative: Chuck VanNatta
At Large Member – 2020-21: Margaret Herndon
At Large Member – 2020-21: Edgar Katterhenry
At Large Member – 2021-22: Peggy Dell
At Large Member – 2021-22: Brandon Richards

Administrative Areas – 2021

Board of Trustees

2019-21: Jake Fitzsimmons – Vice Chair; Elevator, Facility Engineering, Fire Alarms
2019-21: Penni Lashua – CMO Board Representative; Kitchen
2019-21: Stan Maddox – Secretary, Scout Liaison, Parsonage, Pest Control
2020-22: Wally Dietz – Chair; General Maintenance, Parking Lot, Trailers and Rolling Equipment
2020-22: Doug Warren – Plumbing, Trash and Recycling
2020-22: Beale Delano – Contracts, Insurance, Janitorial Services
2021-23: Curtis Axsom – Audio/Video/Lighting (AVL) Equipment; Grounds Maintenance; Sprinkler System
2021-23: Russell Growe – Treasurer; Finance Committee Representative; Internet, Office Equipment, Security, Telephones
2021-23: Angie May – Electrical, HVAC

Permanent Endowment Fund

Chair: Dave Crossman
At Large Member: Chris Iorio
At Large Member: Jeff Blasdel


Chair: Dave Crossman
Pastor: Dave Blystone
Lay Member to Annual Conference: Dennis Stone
Chairperson of the Church Council: Alan Wantanabe
Chairperson of Staff-Parish Relations: Susan Reid
Representative of the Trustees:
Chairperson of Stewardship:
Lay Leader: Lynn Dole
Financial Secretary: Shawn Wadell
Church Treasurer: Paul Schultz

Stewardship Committee

2018-20: Ron Luther
2019-21: Ed Pendleton
2020-21: Wayne Reid
2020-22: Fernando Herndon

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Chair: Susan Reid
Pastor: Dave Blystone
Lay Member to Annual Conference: Dennis Stone
Lay Leader: Lynn Dole
2019-21: Dan Kirkling
2019-21: Don Leggiero
2019-21: Tammy Maddox
2020-22: Gary Garitson
2020-22: Don Robertson
2020-22: Susan Reid
2021-23: Roselyn Johnston
2021-23: Sally Riddle
2021-23: Samantha Steele

Nominations and Leadership Development

Pastor/Chair: Dave Blystone
Lay Leader: Lynn Dole
2019-21: Cheryl Brosey
2019-21: Lin Dietz
2019-21: Kim Schultz
2020-22: Jerry Haskell
2020-22: Jim Major
2020-22: Denny Taylor
2021-23: Open
2021-23: Open
2021-23: Open

Ministry Areas – 2020


Banner Coordinator: Nancy Taylor
Credence Table Coordinator: Penni Lashua
Communion Coordinators: Dave and Janice Fisher
Acolyte Coordinator: Lynn Dole
Usher and Greeter Coordinator: Ken Frazier
AVL Technical Director: Matt Harding
Organist: Ed Bruenjes
Celebration Choir Director:
Handbell Director: Ed Bruenjes
Wedding Coordinators: April Bardonner
Pew Stewards: Janice Fisher, Mary Anne Haskell
The Well Coordinator: Penni Lashua
The Well Servers: Dave and Laura Crossman; Ken and Debbie Frazier; Thomas and Laura Hahn; Penni Lashua; Pat Legger; Alan and Rayetta Mize; Norm and Beth Smith; Denny and Nancy Taylor; Sherrie Waltz

Worship Alive (Traditional Worship Planning)

Worship Director:
Organist: Ed Bruenjes
2018-20: Janet Baldwin
2019-21: Kerry Meyer
2020-22: Mary Sue Stone
Pastor: Dave Blystone

Education Committee

Children’s Education Coordinator: Heidi Warren
Adult Education Coordinator: Karen Blystone

Youth Council

Chair: Lisa Earnest
At Large Member: Tami Iorio
At Large Member: Tracey Warren

Missions Committee

Chair: Mary Beth Wert
2018-20: Wendy Boulware
2018-20: John Rawlins
2018-20: Jack Scherer
2018-20: Mary Beth Wert
2019-21: Jo Childs
2019-21: John Smith
2019-21: Candy Spiker
2020-22: Gary Bardonner
2020-22: Bruce Riddle
2020-22: Nancy Taylor

Asbury Care

Homebound and Nursing Homes Visitation Coordinator:
Hospital Visitation Coordinator: Dave Blystone
Prayer Coordinator: Linda Garitson
Prayer Shawl Ministry Coordinator:
Barnabas Ministry (College Students) Coordinator: Kathy Meyer
Funeral Dinner Coordinators : Debbie Frazier; Pat Legger
Fun Committee: Jeff Blasdel; Dan Kirkling; Carrie Riley; Samantha Steele; Laura Crossman; Julia Cutsinger; Sherrie Waltz

CMO Advisory Board

Chair: Heidi Warren
Director: Kit Akins
Pastor: Dave Blystone
July 2018-June 2021: Tyla Kelley
July 2018-June 2021:
July 2019-June 2022: Kendra Phillabaum
July 2019-June 2022: Carolyn Stickans

Computer Committee

At Large Member: Edgar Katterhenry
At Large Member: Dennis Stone
Archivist: Dan Kirkling


Website Team: Kevin Earnest
Pit Stop: Dot Kirkling
Workcamp Coordinators: Lisa Earnest; Tracey Warren; Steve and Mary Ferdon
DiRT Coordinators: Steve Ferdon
Mission Columbus Coordinators: Steve Ferdon
Library: John and Sue Rhoades
Scouting Representative: Curtis Axsom
Ecumenical Assembly Representative: Susan Whipker

Leadership Guideline Information

Information related to various administrative groups and ministries of the church can be found here.