Read 2 Chronicles 29 today.

2 Chronicles 29:1-2 NLT[1] Hezekiah was twenty-five years old when he became the king of Judah, and he reigned in Jerusalem twenty-nine years. His mother was Abijah, the daughter of Zechariah. [2] He did what was pleasing in the LORD’s sight, just as his ancestor David had done.
As I read this, I thought back to when I was 25. I am sure I thought I was pretty mature, but in looking back…
I suspect Hezekiah had some good counsel.
As I think about things today, good counsel is still important. Who are the godly men and women in your life to whom you turn when you are in need of good counsel? If you don’t know who they are, pray that God would bring people into your life who can provide this.