Read 2 Chronicles 36 today, Galatians 1 tomorrow.

​2 Chronicles 36:15-16 NLT
[15] The LORD, the God of their ancestors, repeatedly sent his prophets to warn them, for he had compassion on his people and his Temple. [16] But the people mocked these messengers of God and despised their words. They scoffed at the prophets until the LORD’s anger could no longer be restrained and nothing could be done.
The people were rebelling against God, but God continued to send prophets. Each time, it was an attempt to get the people to turn back to Him. Their answer was no. Eventually, God accepted their answer. It was not God’s desire for the people to live in rebellion, but God’s willingness to let the people exercise their free will meant they would also experience the consequences of their choices.
The same is true today. God desires that we turn away from rebelliousness and toward Him. We decide. For a time, God will continue to give us the option to choose. Eventually, God will accept our choice. What choice are you making?