Read 2 Kings 23 today.

This chapter includes the reforms of King Josiah after he learned that he and Judah (the southern kingdom) were not following the commands of the Lord. As I read this chapter, the question I had was relative to the choices I might make when I become aware that some things in my life are outside of God’s desire/will/law.
Will I rationalize those things, believing God would never want me to be inconvenienced or uncomfortable or unhappy?
Will I ignore the conflict between those things and God’s desire, assuming God did not really mean it?
Will I take radical steps to align myself with God, as Josiah did?
2 Kings 23:3-6 NLT
The king took his place of authority beside the pillar and renewed the covenant in the LORD’s presence. He pledged to obey the LORD by keeping all his commands, laws, and decrees with all his heart and soul. In this way, he confirmed all the terms of the covenant that were written in the scroll, and all the people pledged themselves to the covenant.
[4] Then the king instructed Hilkiah the high priest and the priests of the second rank and the Temple gatekeepers to remove from the LORD’s Temple all the articles that were used to worship Baal, Asherah, and all the powers of the heavens. The king had all these things burned outside Jerusalem on the terraces of the Kidron Valley, and he carried the ashes away to Bethel. [5] He did away with the idolatrous priests, who had been appointed by the previous kings of Judah, for they had offered sacrifices at the pagan shrines throughout Judah and even in the vicinity of Jerusalem. They had also offered sacrifices to Baal, and to the sun, the moon, the constellations, and to all the powers of the heavens. [6] The king removed the Asherah pole from the LORD’s Temple and took it outside Jerusalem to the Kidron Valley, where he burned it. Then he ground the ashes of the pole to dust and threw the dust over the graves of the people.