Read Acts 7 today.

This chapter includes the story of Stephen’s speech before the Sanhedrin, and his death by stoning for blasphemy.
As I read his summary account of the history of Israel, I noted a number of significant people and events. I also noted there were many things omitted from his account, such as any of the kings following Solomon. It is the nature of a summary that one has to choose what to include,but one must also choose what to exclude. Stephen’s summary provided a reminder of who Israel is.
Reading this chapter started me thinking about my own history, with my list of significant people and events. I find it helpful to remember my story from time to time. It is a reminder of who I am.
Consider writing your story. If you only had two pages on which to write, what would you include? Who have been the most significant people in your life? What events have had the most impact? Who are you?