Read Esther 2 today.

This book provides background for the Jewish festival of Purim which celebrates how God delivered His people from destruction by an enemy. The point of the story is how God used Esther to change the course of history for the Jews.
In the midst of this story (read chapters one and two again), one of the things I see is the abuse of power. The acts of the king and his advisors are clearly out of step with our western, mainstream cultural norms today. The treatment of women is appalling from our perspective. Yet, it must have been fairly common among kings, the people of that period with power and resources. It makes me wonder if it is uncommon among the ‘kings’ of today.
While most of us do not wield the power of kings, most of us do have some influence over other people. Are we ever tempted to use that influence for our own personal gain? Are we tempted to say or do things just because we can, rather than because we should? If Jesus were sitting with you today, would you be uncomfortable as you explain how you have used the power that has been entrusted to you?