Read Ezekiel 25 today.

In this chapter we read of the judgment against many nations surrounding Israel in response to their treatment of Israel. What I find especially interesting is the judgment against Ammon. It was in part because they cheered, clapped, and danced at the destruction of Israel.
What does it say about us when we clap, dance, and cheer with glee at the destruction of other people? We may not take it to quite the same level as did the Ammonites relative to Israel, but do we sometimes have the same basic attitude? Do we delight when those of a different political party lose? Or when a rival sports team loses? It is one thing to rejoice when those we support win. It is quite another thing to rejoice when another loses. Are we a people who strive to lift others up, or tear others down?
Ezekiel 25:1-3, 6 NLT
[1] Then this message came to me from the LORD: [2] “Son of man, turn and face the land of Ammon and prophesy against its people. [3] Give the Ammonites this message from the Sovereign LORD: Hear the word of the Sovereign LORD! Because you cheered when my Temple was defiled, mocked Israel in her desolation, and laughed at Judah as she went away into exile,
[6] “This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Because you clapped and danced and cheered with glee at the destruction of my people,