Read Ezekiel 27 today.

This chapter provides a contrast between the image the city of Tyre before and after God’s judgment against it. It had become a great city, and it had great pride in its beauty and influence. It was admired by those who visited it or traded with it.
What it did not consider was that everything in which it had placed its trust was temporary. There is no mention of a connection with the eternal God. The same can be true for us. When we are young we place trust in our youthful energy and ability. As the years go by, those things fade. We collect objects that are shiny and nice when new, but then time causes them to crumble and fall apart. As we consider how we spend our time and energy, how much of it is spent on things that will last? How much time do we spend nurturing our relationship with God?
Ezekiel 27:5-7, 32-34 NLT
You were like a great ship built of the finest cypress from Senir. They took a cedar from Lebanon to make a mast for you. [6] They carved your oars from the oaks of Bashan. Your deck of pine from the coasts of Cyprus was inlaid with ivory. [7] Your sails were made of Egypt’s finest linen, and they flew as a banner above you. You stood beneath blue and purple awnings made bright with dyes from the coasts of Elishah.
[32] As they wail and mourn over you, they sing this sad funeral song: ‘Was there ever such a city as Tyre, now silent at the bottom of the sea? [33] The merchandise you traded satisfied the desires of many nations. Kings at the ends of the earth were enriched by your trade. [34] Now you are a wrecked ship, broken at the bottom of the sea. All your merchandise and crew have gone down with you.