Read John 20 today (or wait until tomorrow morning).

As I approached today’s reading, I have chosen to wait until tomorrow, when I will read chapters 20 and 21. Actually, I read chapters 19 and 20 but yearned for the chapter in between. Chapter 19 ends with Jesus’ burial, and chapter 20 begins with the resurrection. What about the ‘waiting’ in between?
Today, it is another Saturday, and I am sure most people will be going about their normal routines. For Jesus’ disciples, it would have been the Sabbath, and Passover. As Jews, would they still celebrate the Passover in their grief? When and how did they begin to come back together after having been scattered? How did they ‘wait’ through Saturday?
How will we wait through this Saturday? Will it become just another Saturday like those that have come and gone before? There are several activities planned that will hinder my lingering in the period of waiting, but I am going to try.