Read Luke 10 today.

This chapter includes the parable of the good Samaritan. It is a well known parable, but we often forget the context. Jesus told this story in response to a man’s question, “Who is my neighbor?”
The man was not questioning the commandment to love his neighbor. He was questioning which category of people he was permitted to include or exclude from the list of neighbors. Jesus’ parable did not permit any exclusions.
After the parable, we find the exchange between Jesus and the man about the meaning of the parable. Finally, Jesus spoke these words, “go and do the same.” Jesus did not teach for the purpose of sharing information. He taught for the purpose of transformation. The teaching was intended to be applied to our lives, to change us.
What do we do with the words of Jesus? Are was transformed, or merely informed?
Luke 10:36-37 NLT
“Now which of these three would you say was a neighbor to the man who was attacked by bandits?” Jesus asked. [37] The man replied, “The one who showed him mercy.” Then Jesus said, “Yes, now go and do the same.”