Read Luke 20 today.

This chapter includes the continuing, growing conflict between Jesus and the religious leaders. We often look at the interactions between them and note that Jesus always seems to come out ahead.
One of the stories in this chapter is a confrontation regarding the source Jesus’ authority. While the religious leaders asked the question for the purpose of undermining Jesus, their poor reason for asking does not diminish the validity or significance of the question.
The source of Jesus’ authority matters. It does not matter only to the religious leaders who were present that day. It matters to you and to me. If we believe Jesus’ authority came from men, from those who followed Him, or from some group merely seeking a charismatic leader, we are free to follow or ignore Him without consequence. But if we believe Jesus’ authority actually came from God…
So the question is significant. As is our answer. How do you answer the question, “By what authority did Jesus do what He did?”
Luke 20:1-8 NLT
One day as Jesus was teaching the people and preaching the Good News in the Temple, the leading priests, the teachers of religious law, and the elders came up to him. [2] They demanded, “By what authority are you doing all these things? Who gave you the right?”
[3] “Let me ask you a question first,” he replied. [4] “Did John’s authority to baptize come from heaven, or was it merely human?”
[5] They talked it over among themselves. “If we say it was from heaven, he will ask why we didn’t believe John. [6] But if we say it was merely human, the people will stone us because they are convinced John was a prophet.” [7] So they finally replied that they didn’t know.
[8] And Jesus responded, “Then I won’t tell you by what authority I do these things.”