Read Psalm 128 today

The phrase, “how joyful are those who fear” is an interesting one. We do not normally connect joy with fear. We would think there is something wrong if the sentence were, “How joyful are those who fear automobile accidents.” We recognize there is a disconnect between fear and joy. Yet the psalmist claims, “How joyful are those who fear the LORD.” How can this be?
Some have argued the real meaning of the word translated as fear is respect, but I think this misses the mark. There is a reason the first words spoken by God’s angels as they approach one of us are, “Fear not!” In the presence of the almighty God, we appear very small and powerless.
Yet, this powerful God, this being who could easily squash us like a bug should He desire to do so, is on our side. He wants the very best for us. We have fear because of God’s awesome power. We have joy because God is for us, cheering us on as we follow His ways.
Do you have appropriate fear of the LORD? Do you have joy from knowing His love for you?
Psalm 128:1 NLT
How joyful are those who fear the LORD- all who follow his ways!