Read Psalm 134 today

Tomorrow, as we continue reading one chapter each day, we will begin reading in the gospel of John. We will not begin with the first chapter, but with chapter 12. The psalms we have been reading are psalms the Jewish people would read or sing as they walked to Jerusalem for feasts such as the passover. John 12 begins the story of Jesus just before the passover.
One of the things I read in Psalm 134 is the phrase ‘you who serve at night’ in verse 1. As I read that, I was thinking about those who serve when no one else is looking. If they wanted to do so, they could ‘not serve’ when no one else was there. They could take long breaks or naps during the night. Who would know?
I think about that relative to our life in Christ. Each of us have moments of temptation, periods of time when no one else is around, opportunities to act in a way that no one else will know. What do we do in those moments? May we be people of integrity, people who serve Christ wholeheartedly.
Psalm 134:1-3 NLT
[1] Oh, praise the LORD, all you servants of the LORD,
you who serve at night in the house of the LORD.
[2] Lift your hands toward the sanctuary,
and praise the LORD.
[3] May the LORD, who made heaven and earth,
bless you from Jerusalem.