The Heart of The Story

The Heart of the Story, written by Randy Frazee.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of reading the Bible.  It is long, has hard words, unpronounceable names, and boring lists of begats.  The people at Asbury recently finished a 31-week adventure through the condensed, chronological version called “The Story.”  But even that treatment of the Bible could be difficult for some.  What’s a person to do?

Randy Frazee has given us an easier way to break into the Bible.  In his book “The Heart of the Story,” he leads us through the important stories and weaves them into a narrative that shows how everything is part of the tapestry that contains the Upper Story of God’s plan and the Lower Story of our places in that plan.

Like the books on popular science that promise no equations, Frazee’s approach includes a minimum of quoted scripture. He tells the stories and explains why they are important.  This book is easy to read and understand.  It is a good way to introduce someone to the stories that are at the heart of Christianity and to see how they all fit together.

Submitted by Jim Fleming