The Path Training Resources

The Ministry Teams at Asbury fit together to shape The Path of discipleship. This page includes links to the training materials relevant for all teams and specific for each of the Ministry Teams.

All Teams

Finding 24 to Double Resources:

To find videos or resources on the 24 to Double website, follow these instructions.
Link: 24 to Double website
Password: Asbury47201

Click the blue ‘Resume the course here’ button.
• Choose the Module # for your team.
• Watch the video and/or review available resources.

Training Materials for All Teams:

  • Developing Laity Involvement (Module 2 video on 24 to Double website)
  • Laity Involvement Through the Pastor’s Meal (Module 3 video on 24 to Double website)
  • Review Gifts and Passions Descriptions – link is TBD

Team 1 – Outreach

Purpose: Reach the lost and hurting by inviting them into God’s house, where they will feel the love and acceptance of Christ.

Sub Team Examples:

  • Global Missions – Reach out to the hurting people of the world.
    • Missions Committee, Medical Missions, FMSC
  • Faith in Action – Conduct community service projects.
    • DIRT, Jr. and Sr. High Workcamps, Mission Columbus, Pit Stop, Red Bird Mission
  • Thrift Store – Assist in offering good clothing at affordable prices.
    • Youth Garage Sales
  • Events Coordination – Plan and assist in the coordination of events and activities.
    • Fun Committee, Asbury at Brown County
  • Marketing – Promote the church and teaching series to the church, in the community and beyond.
    • Asbury Website, VBS

Training Materials:

Team 2 – WOW

Purpose: Make church like Heaven on Earth by creating an accepting and friendly atmosphere where the love of God is demonstrated.

Sub Team Examples:

  • Parking – Direct vehicles and manage FTA parking.
    • Parking Greeters
  • Ushers – Assist with seating, collect offering, assist congregants and ministry leaders with a smile.
    • Ushers
  • Info Central – Answer questions and provide information regarding small groups, ministries and events.
    • Welcome/Guest Center
  • Hospitality – Serve food and beverages at church sponsored events with a smile.
    • Fun Committee
  • Journey Cafe – Prepare and serve coffee and food from the Café with a smile.
    • The Well
  • Greeters – Open doors greet attendees with a smile, a handshake and a verbal welcome before they enter the building.
    • Greeters

Training Materials:

  • Team 2 Training Presentation (Module 16)
  • Team 2 Training Outline (Module 16)
  • Team 2 Purpose and Expectations (Module 16)

Team 3 – Tech Arts

Purpose: Produce the finest, high-tech, professional, and exciting worship service that makes the Word of God seen and heard with cutting edge applications.

Sub Team Examples:

  • Lighting – Design creative lighting arrangements, program and operate lighting console.
    • Worship Tech Team
  • Video – Create storyboards, capture video and edit video.
    • Dan Kirkling
  • Sound Tech – Operate the sound board and optimize the mix.
    • Worship Tech Team
  • Sound Engineering – Ensure sound quality, levels and mix during services on CDs and DVDs and during events.
    • AVL Director
  • Pro Department – Deliver video content, backgrounds, slides and graphics through computer systems.
    • Worship Tech Team
  • Photography – Capture services and events in pictures and manage the photo album.
    • Worship Tech Team, Missions Team
  • Web/IT – Create an online presence that mirrors the life of the church and IT support.
    • Web Site Team
  • Bulletin Prep – Prepare and assemble worship guides for service.
    • Worship Alive, Office Admin.

Training Materials:

  • Team 3 Training Presentation (Module 16)
  • Team 3 Training Outline (Module 16)
  • Team 3 Purpose and Expectations (Module 16)

Team 4 – Worship

Purpose: Create an atmosphere of worship that will literally change lives. While we seek to provide music with excellence, the ultimate goal is to draw one closer to Jesus Christ.

Sub Team Examples:

  • Musicians – Lead the church into worship using instrumental excellence in a team environment.
    • Bell choir, Organist, Pianist, Praise Band
  • Singers – Lead the church into worship using vocal excellence in a team environment.
    • Choir, Praise Team
  • Drama and Dance – Perform skits, dances, drama and painting during worship services and special events.
    • Worship planners find performers and/or participants. ( Worship Alive, Pastor Dave).
  • Music Academy – Equip upcoming talent with the necessary knowledge and skills for worship ministry.
    • Is this a responsibility of the Worship Leader?

Training Materials:

  • Team 4 Training Presentation (Module 16)
  • Team 4 Training Outline (Module 16)
  • Team 4 Purpose and Expectations (Module 16)

Team 5 – Care and Follow-Up

Purpose: Provide the love, acceptance, friendliness, and compassion of Christ to the visitor and to all those who come through the church doors with the purpose of assimilating them into the life and ministry of the church.

Sub Team Examples:

  • Care Ministry – Welcome, escort, follow-up on, pray and care for first time attendees with a smile.
    • Greeters, FTA Follow-up, NLA Follow-up
  • Pastor’s Breakfast – Plan, prepare and host the Pastor’s Breakfasts.
    • To be determined.
  • iPrayer – Provide a prayer covering over all areas of the church body.
    • Prayer Chain

Training Materials:

  • Team 5 Training Presentation (Module 16)
  • Team 5 Training Outline (Module 16)
  • Team 5 Purpose and Expectations (Module 16)

Team 6 – Children and Youth

Purpose: Win children and youth to Christ, minister to their needs, encourage them to serve, and help them grow into spiritual maturity.

Sub Team Examples:

  • KPC (ages 6-12) – Provide a creative learning experience that will promote a personal relationship with Christ.
    • JAM, Sunday School
  • KPC Jr. (ages 3-6) – Provide quality care and learning experiences for pre-schoolers.
    • CMO, JAM, Sunday School
  • KPC Wee (ages 0-2) – Provide quality care and learning experiences for infants and toddlers.
    • CMO
  • Middle School – Mentor, love, encourage young teens through various ministry opportunities.
    • Youth Council
  • High School – Disciple, serve and grow with older teens as they are on their spiritual journey.
    • Youth Council

Training Materials:

  • Team 6 Training Presentation (Module 16)
  • Team 6 Training Outline (Module 16)
  • Team 6 Purpose and Expectations (Module 16)

Team 7 – Life Groups

Purpose: Provide the love, acceptance, friendliness, and compassion of Christ by connecting friends to the church through life groups.

Sub Team Examples:

  • Childrens Groups – needs description
    • Asbury Kids
  • Young Adults – Connect with young adults through specialized services, home groups and Bible studies, etc.
    • Confirmation Class, Sunday School Teachers, Leaders
  • Adult Life Groups – Connect adults through sports, special interests, home groups, Bible studies, etc.
    • Asbury Men’s Group, DMA, Prayer Shawl Ministry (Knitters), Small Groups
  • Adult Education – Provide quality teaching on life topics like prayer, relationships, spiritual gifts and finances.
    • Sunday School Teachers, Bible Study Leaders

Training Materials:

  • Team 7 Training Presentation (Module 16)
  • Team 7 Training Outline (Module 16)
  • Team 7 Purpose and Expectations (Module 16)