Gifts and Passions

Gifts  These gifts are special abilities given to us by God to equip us to do certain things well.

Leadership – Plan, organize, and direct the activities to implement God’s will.

Prophecy – Provide spiritual insight and discernment.

Mercy – Respond wholeheartedly with extraordinary compassion to those who are in need, particularly spiritually.

Encouragement – Encourage, build faith, guide, support, and strengthen those in the body of Christ in such a way that they feel valued.

Teaching – Communicate information relevant to the health and ministry of the body and its members in such a way that others will learn.

Serving – Enable them to invest their talents and available resources in the life and/or ministry of another in a manner that helps others accomplish their goals.

Giving – Contribute their material resources to the work of the Lord with liberality and cheerfulness.

Passions   Our passions, are particular areas of interests. The Path’s Ministry Teams are organized around these areas. Volunteers can serve on teams that align with their passions.

Outreach –  Reaching the lost and hurting by inviting them into God’s house, where they will feel the love and acceptance of Christ.

WOW (First Impressions) –  Making church like Heaven on Earth by creating an accepting and friendly atmosphere where the love of God is demonstrated.

Tech Arts –  Producing the finest, high-tech, professional, and exciting worship service that makes the Word of God seen and heard with cutting edge applications.

Worship – Creating an atmosphere of worship that will literally change lives. While we seek to provide music with excellence, the ultimate goal is to draw one closer to Jesus Christ.

Care & Followup –  Providing the love, acceptance, friendliness, and compassion of Christ to the visitor and to all those who come through the church doors with the purpose of assimilating them into the life and ministry of the church.

Children & Youth – Winning children and youth to Christ, ministering to their needs, encouraging them to serve, and helping them grow into spiritual maturity.

Life Groups – Providing the love, acceptance, friendliness, and compassion of Christ by connecting friends to the church through life groups.