Team Roles and Spiritual Gifts

Five Fold Leadership Roles

Role:   Team Leader

Gift: Leadership – Plan, organize, and direct the activities to implement God’s will.

Principle Function:  Provides leadership and administration to the team.


▪ Oversee all other positions on their team.
▪ Perform other team members duties, if needed.
▪ Recruit and appoint other leaders:

Prayer Leader

Role:   Prayer Leader

Gift: Prophecy – Provide spiritual insight and discernment.

Principle Function:  Keep the team unified and focused on God’s will and God’s timing for the work of the group.


▪ Prayer- (Individual & Corporate prayer)

Role:   Recruiter

Gift: Mercy – Respond wholeheartedly with extraordinary compassion to those who are in need, particularly spiritually.

Principle Function:  Provide motivation and compassion for their team members and individuals within the church body and also serve as a recruiter for their team.


▪ Work with the Team Leader to utilize the Gifts and Passions Surveys to recruit and staff the team.

Role:   Encourager

Gift: Encouragement – Encourage, build faith, guide, support, and strengthen those in the body of Christ in such a way that they feel valued.

Principle Function:  An Encourager enjoys encouraging people and often visits people when they see a need arise.


▪ Guide and encourage group members, if needed.
▪ Getting together and keeping in contact with group members – maintaining friendships.
▪ Keeping confidentiality.

Role:   Trainer

Gift: Teaching – Communicate information relevant to the health and ministry of the body and its members in such a way that others will learn.

Principle Functions:  Provides leadership and trains new members for their team.  Provides training assistance and coordination to the sub-ministries of their team.


▪ Maintain a good knowledge of the job descriptions for all team members duties so that you are ready to train a new person at any time.
▪ Spend one on one time with new trainees, preferable on the job.

Support Roles

Role:   Serving

Gift: Serving – Enable them to invest their talents and available resources in the life and/or ministry of another in a manner that helps others accomplish their goals.

Principle Function:  Provide help and service to their team using their talents and resources to see their ministry team succeed.

Role:   Giving

Gift: Giving – Contribute their material resources to the work of the Lord with liberality and cheerfulness.

Principle Function:  To be a cheerful giver of personal resources to see their ministry team and the church succeed.