The Will of God

By Rev. Leslie Weatherhead

During the tumultuous era of World War II, the city of London shattered under unrelenting bombs dropped by Nazi Germany. Millions of buildings were destroyed or damaged, tens of thousands of civilians were killed, and survivors were left to ask: How can this destruction be part of God’s plan? What is God’s will in all of this?

After City Temple in London was reduced to rubble, Rev. Leslie Weatherhead crafted five sermons on understanding the will of God to help his congregation endure religious doubt as their city—and church—crumbled around them. Weatherhead’s sermons were eventually published as The Will of God, a resource that has been a lifeline for grieving persons seeking to understand God’s purpose for their pain.

I have found the ideas in this book very helpful in keeping focused on God in hard times.  The author describes God’s will as having three elements: His circumstantial will, His intentional will and His ultimate will.  I found this approach answers a number of questions I had that were not answered by other descriptions.  This book can be a good small group study as well as a good individual study.  It comprises 88 pages divided into 5 chapters (plus and Introduction and an Appendix).

Submitted by Jim Fleming